T A L L | Adventure | Full Journal



This unique size is a regular and firm favourite in the Stori Dori community, the ideal size as a journaling companion on the go. Revel in your creative explorations for now and ever more.


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Hand made to give you all the space you’d want to explore your creativity:

  • Tall dimensions are 225mm x 275mm which is approx. 8.9″ x 10.8″
  • Leather cover is made from luxuriously thick, full grain, veg tan, Italian leather.
  • Natural matt finish
  • Highly pleasing aroma
  • Some pliability and patinas beautifully with every day use
  • 8 colour choices, hand dyed, gorgeous, rich, tone variations are inevitable
  • Will mark easily and wear its history with pride from being lovingly handled
  • Naturally hugs your Signatures with plenty of room to spare
  • 4 x Tall Signatures of your choice are included with this custom purchase