Oh, hello!

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now, a long time actually, but couldn’t quite muster all that I’d wanted to share.  But I do have some news that will impact the run of Stori Dori products and that’s why I feel to share this with you.

Growing Stori Dori has been one of the hardest and scariest experiences I’ve ever embarked on. Hard and scary because I’d pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants and letting inspiration steer this ship when I hadn’t exactly worked out all that I wanted to do nor how I was going to achieve it. Initially creating the original collections was placed firmly in my heart and as I learned and appliedmore and more about the leather craft trade I fell more in love with this beautiful craft. I focused on developing these collections to share with the world and forgot about pretty much everything else.

I’ve spent the best part of 2017 developing my ideas and assessing exactly what I want for myself and for Stori Dori and having reached a conclusion it wasn’t then hard to decide that Stori Dori’s leather collections 1.0 has well and truly run its course. In order to make room for more Stori Dori products, namely our Craft Buffet events and printable goods, I’ve decided to retire all of our current leather collections. I’m going to use the inspiration of these collections to develop new ones and will launch them when they’re good and ready.

There are some that you can buy if you don’t have one already so check them out HERE,

Serving you all has been an absolute pleasure and I’m massively grateful for all my customers for the love you’ve shown for Stori Dori. Thank you so much for the support and understanding in every step of this journey so far and I look forward to (excitedly!) bringing you Stori Dori leather collections 2.0 as well as awesome crafty events.

Nilly xoxo