Recently I went to Luton for a little card making sesh. About a couple of months in the planning with two of my favourite ladies, we wanted a crafty day making cards and hanging out together. Initially we were due to do this just before Ramadan began but when the eve of came round and my husband arrived home completely drained and feeling rough, we had to postpone. Missing our original slot to do this little event was such a blessing as the weather that day wasn’t nice at all and we intended to be outside.

Set up a mini Stori Dori shop for guests to peruse

So we rescheduled for Saturday 26th May, and off in the glorious sunshine we went! What a blessing we had such lovely weather; got to be outside getting our crafting on, pray together, break our fast together… bliss Alhamdulillah! I live for days like these.


I’m ALWAYS nervous when I’m holding a Craft Buffet for a new bunch. Usually people will come up to me as I’m setting up to confess they’re not creative at all, have no clue what they could do etc. I really feel for them because once upon a time, that was me. In fact, that’s sometimes still me.


Everytime we try something new or out of our comfort zone we tend to think we don’t have what it takes to do it. But once you get going you just free fall into it and realise you’re actually enjoying yourself and feeling pretty good about what you’re doing! That’s the whole point really, giving new things a go and just enjoying the moment. People are always surprised to find their creative side and I’m incredibly honoured to be part of that experience.


Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for better that day. Setting up the tables, cards, stickers, washi, watercolours, stamps, cards, paper, more paper, was distributed all across the row of tables. I LOVE this bit. Seeing everyone’s reactions when they realise that it’s all there to play with, as much as you like, is so fun.

About an hour into the session and crafty jumble emerges…

It was awesome once all the guests arrived and we all got chatting and playing with the lovely crafty bits on the table. Conversation flowed and soon everyone began really getting into the swing of things. Ten minutes into the session and those who were worried they didn’t have a creative bone in their body were reaching for watercolours, washi, and decorative paper.

It’s always so lovely to have great feedback from these sessions. Hearing participants say how therapeutic they found it, pleasantly surprised to find their creativity and how joyful that is, is the best thing about doing Craft Buffets.

I never thought this is what I’d be doing later in my life but now that I’m here, doing it, loving it, there really is so much to be grateful for! Alhamdulillah.

Heaps of love,


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