Hey there,


Hope this finds you well and dandy! I’ve been working recently to understand the new regulations surrounding how data is being collected and used and the law that will be coming into effect as of 25th May 2018. You may have heard about it, it’s called General Data Protection Regulation. You can read more about it HERE 


I thought I’d write this post to further clarify my foreseeable intentions with how I’m going to be working on content and which ways I’ll be sharing them from now on.


– The Blog –


I’m calling it Journeying Stories and it’ll be set up right here at Stori Dori. It’s where I’ll be sharing all Stori Dori and personal related content that’s about living intentionally, building my business, becoming the person I want to be, and what I’ve learnt through it all. As of May 12th, I’ll be posting weekly every Saturday, In Shaa Allah.


My brothers and I at a local park! Random, I know. That’s how I roll.


– The Newsletter –


This will be going out as a fortnightly email as of Sunday 19th May, In Shaa Allah. There will be snippets of the content shared recently to that time, my personal insights and tidbits, and any news regarding new products and exciting giveaways that I’ll be hosting. All content can be found on the blog, however if you’d like to receive a skim of what’s been happening then do sign up for the newsletter.


As the new GDPRs are raising the bar in the transparency of obtaining and using data, YOU MUST GIVE CONSENT to be on our newsletter email list. If you are already signed up you may receive an email soon with simple instructions to continue to opt in for future emails. If you’re new then here’s a little heads up. For us to send you our newsletter you need to first sign up on storidori.co.uk. Once you have done that you will receive another email that will explain exactly what you’ve signed up for and when to expect content from us. We will also make it clear how you can opt out at any time and if you do so, you will no longer receive emails from us.


You’ll always be able to respond to our emails and will find someone from the Stori Dori team on the other end to help you with any queries.


You may think you know about this already but the stricter regulations means we have to disclose every sign up for what it is. Some larger companies take your details and sell it on to 3rd parties who then contact you with product promotions and other spam. These new regulations mean that they aren’t allowed to do that anymore unless if you specifically consent to it.


We will always tell you exactly what you’re signing up for, and if you consent to it and complete the sign-up process, that’s all you’ll get from us.


I know this is quite long winded but I just want to make it clear to everyone so as we cross over to this new Stori Dori chapter and all the exciting new things coming up over next few months, we’re all on the same page bi’idhnillah.


– Social Media –


Over the next few weeks I’ll be closing down most of our social media accounts, for personal and Stori Dori profiles. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and cannot justify how consuming social media and how much of a time suck it is and in return I’m constantly bombarded with notifications, updates, the next new thing that’s got everyone addicted to their screens.


I need a simpler digital life. I have so many projects that I so desperately want to complete in my lifetime that starting them and committing to them has got me super motivated to crack on.

That time when my big bro and I worked together and would write stupid notes to each other…


I want to take it back to a time when writing blog posts, editing some pics and vids to share was all that I ever wanted to use a screen for. All this technology is capable of doing so many amazing things, isn’t it about time we chose exactly how we want to use it? Rather than be led and coaxed into getting addicted to it.

Strangely developed photo by my mum. Me and little bro circa. 1989. Definitely before smartphones.


This vid says it all and I think is a must watch for everyone.


More on this in another blog post for another day…


So how are you wising up with the new GDPRs? Any concerns or are you feeling relieved? Let’s have a chat about it in the comments below.